In case you’re reading this and find yourself wondering what in God’s green earth is a lumbersexual, let me start things off by filling you in.

The lumbersexual (think metrosexual turned hipster… but earthier) looks like he just conquered the great outdoors, yet probably did no more than assemble his wardrobe and manicure his beard before he left the house. Hip and handsome, the lumbersexual is on the cutting edge of urban culture, while maintaining the rugged freshness of a manly-man from eras past.

Elitedaily describes the lumbersexual man as:

“essentially an urban woodsman. He is brawny, wears expensive flannel, has an impressive beard that is painstakingly unkempt and represents the ultimate sense of manliness. The look of the lumbersexual man can be described as something similar to a hipster-outdoorsman hybrid. However, you won’t find him in the forest chopping down trees. The lumbersexual man traded in his days of tree felling for hitting up hipster bars, and instead of wielding an axe, he now carries around a MacBook Pro.”



Proven by the popularity of articles like those in and Bustle, the ‘lumbersexual’ trend may be catching fire. So what do you buy the bearded, flannel-draped man for the holidays? Here are a few ideas.


1. The Mantry


Part hipster, your lumbersexual may have a love for food. Find your way to his way heart with a gift subscription from the Mantry., $225 for three months


2. Straight Edge Razor


Nothing says B.A. more than trimming that beard with a straight edge razor. Help your man bring the craft back into shaving. (Extra bonus: it’s environmentally friendly.), $249.99

3. OHanlon Mills Mule Slippers


Everybody needs a pair of slippers for Christmas. These ones happen to be dawned with plaid.
Urban Outfitters, $19

4. Faux Deer Taxidermy


What says, “I have a love for the urban outdoors” more than a polyresin deer head hanging on your wall?
White Faux Taxidermy, $84.99


5. The Glencairn Whisky Glass with Teroforma Whisky Stones

Glencairn Whisky Glass

The ultimate whiskey glass, this set is a must for any whiskey (or wannabe whiskey) enthusiast., $64.95


6. Beard Oil

Beard oil

Beard oil is this year’s must-have item for anyone sporting a long, ‘I-think-some-of-last-night’s-dinner-might-still-be-in-here’ beard.
Prospector Co, $28


7. Plain White Tees


A necessary commodity. What else (other than all that bearskin chest hair) is going to go under all that flannel?
American Apparel, $18

8. Driftwood charging dock

Driftwood iphone charging dock

Made from real driftwood, each one is unique., $105.84

9. Mackinaw Cap by Filson


One of the original outfitters of lumbersexuals before ‘lumbersexual’ was even a thing, this Filson cap should complete your man’s rugged look.
Filson, $55


10. Texas BBQ Smoking Bags


Help him bring the outdoorsy flavour of real, smoked wood to grilled meat., $5,95 each


11. HBC Collection Flannel Sheet Set


The Hudson’s Bay Company provides the ultimate Canadian classic to keep you warm at night.
The Bay, Queen Set $157.50

12. Italian Leather Candles


Indulge him with these manly scents to set the mood or light his way.
Restoration Hardware, $49 for a set of 3


13. Mugolio Pinecone Syrup


Adventurous and willing to try something different? Why not drizzle your food with the essence of tree sap? It’s culinary cutting edge., $29.99 for 3.6 oz


14. Italian Leather Hard Shell iPhone case


Luxe yet rugged. Handsome yet functional. Crafted with care by a 150-year-old Italian tannery, each is made from the finest English hides, chosen for richness and character.
Restoration Hardware, $20-25

15. Horseshoe Game Set


Have fun in the outdoors and give him a reason to sling around some premium horseshoes for a jolly old time.
The Bay, $110

16. Leatherman Tool


Pull out a Leatherman around any brand-obsessed outdoors-man, and you’ll get a nod of approval., $99.85 – 109.85


17. Horned Bottle Opener


Handmade in Finland, this bottle opener is attached to a shed reindeer horn.
Anthropologie, $30

18. Whiskey Making Kit





Help him grow in his intimate knowledge of whiskey by allowing him to witness the aging process DIY.
Woodinville Whiskey Co, sold by Binny’s Beverage Depot, $149.99

19. Buck deer & Antlers stacking game


Pile all thirty antlers on this buck’s horns before they fall. When not in use, the game doubles as an accent piece.


20. Beardsman Bundle by Duke Cannon


A manly-man’s brand of bathroom essentials, the Beardsman’s Gift Pack includes an exclusive 3-in-1 clear shaving gel and two bars of beard conditioning soap.
Duke Cannon Supply Co., $27


21. Hershel Novel Plaid Duffle


Practical and handsome. What more could one ask for?
Herschel Supply, $79.99


22. Pipe Smoking Starter Kit


If he is fond of smoking cigars, then a pipe set might have just the right amount of retro flair., $78.50


23. ‘Downward facing log’ Yoga Bag


Enhance his literal lumberjack look, and insist your man slings this over his shoulder on his way to yoga class., $35


24. The Chicago Comb


The ultimate beard comb, this pocket-sized tool is made of laser-cut stainless steel., $35

25. Wood Slice Coasters


Bring some of the outdoors in with these coasters handmade from slices of real oak wood., $11.75 each


26. Light My Fire Swedish fire knife


Impress your friends with your skills outdoors and start a fire without matches using this handy flint knife. $39.62


27. A Fleece Onesie


Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a new pair of pyjamas. This cozy onesie is right on trend., Apprx $28.54